Social Networking

This is the new word on any business these days, right? Some clients ask me about Social Network and I ask them if they know what this is and the answer is almost the same every time…. They it’s Facebook!

Well, basically they are right but there is much more then that… Oh and I am not talking about other websites such as Twiiter, MySpace, Digg etc I am talking about going out there and meet people in person, change business cards, invite for a quick coffee, stop by your client office and show them some results of your work, show them some pictures of your last vacation! Social networking doesn’t have to be ONLY using these amazing websites mentioned above, but have to be a combination of both.

So make sure you have your links for Facebook, Twitter etc, make sure you have your SHARE button too and don’t forget that a lot of business these days can be generate having a simple coffee break with a client or a friend. Oh and always have your business cards with you.